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I first heard of Ayad Akhtar when he won the Pulitzer for his drama “Disgraced”. Desi, Muslim, Pulitzer not words you often hear together so I was surprised that I had no idea who he was. So I tracked, (ok ok TBH tracked down) his first novel, American Dervish about growing up Muslim in America.

Narrated by a young adolescent boy Hayat Shah, whose mundane if somewhat fraught secular family life opens up to a world of spiritual and social turmoil by the arrival of his mother’s best friend Mina, and son Imran, from Pakistan. Mina, escaping the fallout of a bad marriage, learns to breathe a bit more freely in the Midwest, falls in love with Hayat’s father’s colleague Nathan, and this sets much of the stage for telling of this coming of age story.


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