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What makes a good desi restaurant? Here’s a little insider tip. (Little because I’m five foot four and insider because I’m desi.) Look for the vital stats: strip mall, self service and dining desis. They are all good signs. It means that the focus is on the food.

And speaking of food, the promise of melt-in-your mouth kababs (so swore a friend) and a trip to the South Bay saw us face to face with Shan restaurant. Strip mall? Check. Self service? Check. Dining desis? Check. Check. Check.

The décor is geared towards atmospherelessness so its tables, chairs and television. Let me rephrase that tables, chairs and Pakistani soap operas. Sitting within eavesdropping distance of the other tables and strategically placed in front of the TV, my elephant ears were all ready to wiggle and waggle but first to matters at hand. Khana.


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