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Despite the 30-odd mile drive, a name change and the disappearance of the orange crème smoothie, the better half (henceforth to be known as the TBH) and I are die hard loyal fans. How so?

Jaan, you’ve drooled all over your pillow, what were you dreaming about? San Franciscan!
Honey, what do you want for breakfast? San Franciscan!
Love, can you help me with the laundry? After we’ve had a San Franciscan!
I rest my case.

So whether rain or shine, by car or foot (yes, we’ve walked there) Cafe Grillades is our anytime, all-the-time option. We’ve been going there even before they called it that. We came to know it as La Creperie du monde and came to love the sunny burst of sunshine and halal sausage in the San Bruno strip mall.


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