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Unless you have been living under a rock, or on a digital hiatus, you know that comedian, author and star Aziz Ansari’s show Master of None has attained the haloed status as the future of TV. Or, rather, of Netflix which is pretty much TV for millennials.

With the accolades that keep on coming, with a win of Best Comedy Series at the Critic’s Choice Television Awards, it was the shove I needed to finally watch the show.


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Dear Yelp

Dear Yelp,

Thank you for your note. If you had bothered to read my review the only thing it was promoting was an honest opinion. That is what I mistakenly thought Yelp was about.

Yelp was where I turned to find what real folks were saying about… opps…sorry I’m promoting again… No? Err..OK. What’s that? Would I put a yelp graphic here? Oh so its ok when I promote your business but not an honest opinion. This is confusing….

Well, I wrote the review thinking folks might want to know to avoid places that are racist or have no toilets but ya, ok I’ve got the memo.Only five star ratings from now on. Right, my bad.

And thanks but no thanks, don’t think I’ll be ‘farce-ticipating’ on Yelp anymore.

Thanks, AMM

(Another reason not to go here, clearly they are on that anal-retentive diet and can’ t handle an honest opinion)

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